Jill Scott, a stunning actress, and singer have always had a lovely appearance. She has remained a voluptuous image of beauty throughout the years, from her high school pictures to the present day as a divorcee with a son. She may appear bigger one moment and not quite as plus-size the next, depending on where you catch a glimpse of her, but the Philadelphia native will assure you that she will never be.

Jill Scott Weight Loss

In the third quarter of 2014, images of a woman who some claimed to be the famous “Jilly from Philly” appeared on the internet. Jill commented that she wished her thighs hadn’t been touched in one of the two pictures that went viral.

The other, however, was Jill, who was dressed in a robe and flaunted the year’s most talked-about slimmer figure. Fans are going crazy over Scott’s new size because she was at her fittest weight in over 20 years. She continued to reshape her body at that time after losing more than 63 pounds. She now appreciates her body, even more, especially her lovely, feminine curves.

Jill says that she works out with her trainer, Scott Parker, for 60 minutes each time, alternating between cardio and strength training. It takes the form of outdoor biking, boxing, and kickboxing. Her favorite activity is outdoor biking because she can go with her son.

“We enjoy it!” She continues by saying that despite being pleased with her weight loss, she is not trying to change her womanly curves. She declares that she will never become a stick figure but will continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. She exercises at her own pace, as Scott made clear. I’d walk up nine steps and be out of breath, she admitted. Jill explains that her new diet consists of three low-fat meals and two snacks each day.

Her son Jett has a big part to play in her willingness to adopt a leaner diet and exercise routine. His eyes held a world of exploration, and Jill exclaimed, “I want to be here to experience it!” Jill added that for some of the workouts, she even brings Jett along.

Jill Scott Weight Loss

Scott mentioned that she has experienced pressures related to body image, something that has become accustomed to her over the course of her career like so many other female entertainers. “I’ve enjoyed my fair share of street ‘woo-hoos. I’ve enjoyed the company I’ve kept, and I believe I’ve learned over the years that being at ease with oneself is more important than what anyone else may think.

When you don’t resemble anyone on the magazine cover, it can be difficult. Although it may seem strange, I believe that each woman has her own strength. I’ve seen women carry more grace and be sexier in their simple elegance than a full-figured, curvy girl, she continued, where someone else would describe them as having a “stick figure.”

“I’ve seen curvy girls who hide their faces. And ultimately, it’s about accepting oneself. Confidence appeals to men. Self-assurance is attractive. I firmly believe that it all comes down to how you present yourself.

Jilly from Philadelphia may never be model-thin, but her stunning curves, self-assuredness, and soulful, melodic voice will continue to draw large crowds.