Solana Imani Rowe, better known as SZA, has lost a significant amount of weight since the start of her career when she weighed more than 200 pounds.
Her childhood ambition was to become an Olympic gymnast. Her plans were disrupted when she recorded vocals for his rapper brother. She’s become a celebrity, and in the process, she’s lost a lot of weight since beginning her career.

SZA Weight Loss
SZA rose to prominence in her early career for her only complete studio album, “Ctrl,” which was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in October 2017.

SZA decided to pursue music as a career after many late decisions, and she hasn’t stopped since. The star worked hard to show her best side by losing weight in order to stay active and acceptable for the type of music she makes.

SZA, who used to weigh 200 pounds, has openly discussed her weight loss and commitment to a plant-based diet. Let’s learn more about her weight loss journey.

Weight Issues for SZA

Throughout her career, the singer struggled with her emotions and a stress-eating disorder. Her issue was being overweight, despite the fact that she had previously been a gymnast and a ballet dancer. In addition, she admitted in an interview with a magazine that she has a 90s vibe and enjoys wearing baggy clothing.

SZA opened up about her weight issues, saying:

“Because I was overweight, I wore baggy clothes all the time.” I weighed 200 pounds, but this isn’t widely known. I was a lot bigger, so wearing baggy clothes wasn’t just a ’90s thing for me; it was what was comfortable and fit.”

Due to her eating habits, the singer came dangerously close to weighing 200 pounds. For her debut performance, the vocalist weighed 190 pounds and wore a loose t-shirt and socks. This assisted her in understanding how her physical changes were related to her future work.

SZA’s Weight Loss Method

SZA’s six-packs can be found everywhere, from relaxing in the woods to pole dancing in a library. Her singing and movements are flawless as well, but it’s her abs that steal the show.

SZA has worked hard to achieve her muscular physique. She’s already made public her weight loss and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She also stated that she worked hard enough that she didn’t have to wear baggy clothes.

SZA Weight Loss

SZA explained:

“I didn’t want to wear baggy clothes after I lost weight.” I worked very hard to avoid having to wear baggy clothes. And now I just feel like it’s how I’m most at ease. Instead of doing only what was available, I can now wear whatever I want, which is a blessing.”

Eating healthy foods, primarily plant-based foods, is an important component of her weight loss. She explained her eating habits on Twitter, revealing that she did not adhere to any particular diet. She wrote on Twitter:

“Really don’t know what to call it lmao no red meat (mostly fish) no dairy no wheat no sugar… high veggie…only complex carbs (squash, avocado, sweet potato etc) hella water dassii.”

SZA also benefits from outdoor workouts for both her physical and mental health. She stated to Billboard:

SZA Weight Loss

“I go to the forest, or I go to the park, or I go for a lot of walks and exercises.” Sitting still and meditating is one of my components, but it is not my primary component. I need to be outside, surrounded by trees and other natural elements. I don’t mind driving a long distance to get there.”

SZA, who used to weigh 200 pounds, now weighs around 149 pounds or 67 kilograms. Even though she is slimmer now, she believes that one should love one’s body. She stated:

It has nothing to do with how they believe you should be, look, feels, does, vibe, grow, or evolve. It’s all about how YOU see yourself. How do you feel?