Fans are “mind blown” by Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss journey and transformation as they post on Twitter to share their shock.

Netflix’s streaming service offers access to Jeff Lowell’s American comedy TV series The Crew. The series’ central conflict takes place in a NASCAR garage where the crew chief and his new boss are unable to communicate. Fans of the show could not help but notice the character’s transformation as the series has become more well-known. Continue reading to learn more.

Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss

The weight loss of Gary Anthony Williams surprises the public.

In the television show, Gary Anthony Williams plays the pivotal part of Chuck Stubbs. He has some screen time and plays the car chief for Bobby Spencer Racing. His weight loss journey has drawn attention in addition to being praised for his performance in the series.

Social media users who were fans of the show discussed the actor’s transformation as it appeared in the most recent season. Many of Gary’s fans expressed surprise at how much weight he had lost and contrasted his appearance in his most recent series with that of the previous series. See some of the fan tweets and comments about the same below from social media.

According to a report on, Gary Anthony Williams reportedly weighed 360 lbs (163.2 kg) in 2001. If reports are to be believed, the actor reached a weight of 195 lbs by the year 2018. (i.e. 88 KG). This indicates that he underwent a significant weight change, dropping from 155 pounds to an estimated 77.3 kilograms (KG).

Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss

About Gary Johnson Williams

In the year 1990, Gary Anthony Williams began his acting career by appearing in one episode of the television show In the Heat of the Night. He went on to perform in a number of shows and rose to fame thanks to his role in Malcolm in the Middle. Additionally, the actor appeared in Whose Line is it Anyway, Unsung, Boston Legal, and I’m Sorry. He has also appeared in a number of well-known television shows and movies, including Man With a Plan, Mom, The Neighborhood, and Just Roll with It.