What do inverted nipples look like breast cancer? If one or both of your nipples suddenly become inverted, it could be a sign of breast cancer. You may also notice: A lump or thickness in your breast. Dimples or other skin changes on your breast.

What do nipples look like if you have breast cancer? Breast cancer can cause cell changes behind the nipple. These changes can result in the nipple inverting and reversing inward into the breast, or it may look different in terms of its size.

What cancers cause inverted nipples? Nipple retraction or inversion that is new, occurring only in one breast, or where the nipple does not come out on stimulation can be a concerning sign of breast cancer. This should be discussed immediately with your doctor.

What do inverted nipples look? What are inverted nipples? Inverted nipples may look flat, dimpled, or indented in the center. When stimulated, they retract or pull inward. Like with flat nipples, it’s possible to have one nipple that’s inverted and one that’s not.